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      "The Occupational Health and Safety field offers a broad range of services to support working professionals. I will strive in helping employers to support a healthy and safe workforce while reducing the overall cost to the company. My focus is to assure client satisfaction while enabling growth and prosperity."

David F. McAllister, Jr.

Owner & President

I have worked in the Health field for 20 years,
and as an Occupational Health Specialist and Safety Consultant for the past 5 years. In business, I will strive for personal excellence by integrating core values:

  • Honesty:  Moral, upstanding characteristics

  • Integrity:  Fair, honorable ethics

  • Leadership:  Guide by direction and example

  • Dignity:  Self-respect

  • Respect:  Esteem for professionals’ abilities, qualities and achievements

     “His background and experience in safety and loss control will serve as a great compliment to our Occupational Health program.” Stated by Mark Hoffman of Penn Highlands Healthcare in the Courier-Express, November 24, 2017. I will continue to make it my priority and remain committed to delivering quality occupational health service making services accessible to businesses everywhere

     I have had the pleasure of working as a safety consultant for Employbridge staffing services, where I had covered areas in eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.  I am a nationally-certified paramedic and worked as a paramedic crew chief / training coordinator for Mount Nittany Healthcare of State College. During my employment with Penn Highlands, I served the healthcare system as an Occupational Health Manager, while furthering my education in occupational health field.

     I received my bachelor’s degree in management/marketing from Clarion University in Clarion, Pennsylvania, I continue to work on a master’s degree in occupational safety from Columbia Southern University in Alabama.  I am an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer, Drug and Alcohol Technician certification, FMCSA, Board Certified Spirometry, and Respiratory Fit testing, Board Certified Occupational Health and Audiometric testing, OSHA 501, OSHA 511 and Industrial Hygiene Management, Health Care provider First aid and CPR instructor.

     A native of Stoughton, Mass. In 1987 as an adolescent I moved to DuBois, currently live in Treasure Lake with my wife Tracey and, three children in our home, Cullen, Connor, and Madison. I am a step-father to Nichole, (Bryan) Manthey and Scottie Powers. Currently hold a chair on the board of directors for the Western Pennsylvania Police Athletic League, a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, a member of the Capital Area Safety Council, and a member of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association.

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